Monday, March 23, 2009


its getting real dusty here.. guess i had to do a little area cleaning.. life's been great since ord.. haha.. and like finally started work again le.. money's been flowing out like nobody's business cauz of driving and my relentless spending here and there..

been real busy working and gaming as well.. got my lappy last week and great having the privacy of using the com in my own room liao le.. haha.. working again at sakae.. at lot 1.. like finally after getting real pissed for waiting for nearly 3 to 4 weeks.. might be transferring over to westmall again..

nothing much to blog about.. need to settle some important things here and there.. guess will drop by here once in a while ba.. stop here ba.. till thens..

Thursday, February 12, 2009


10th february 2007.. i stepped into the gates of tekong.. handed my pink ic to some stupid fellow at the table and poof, its gone.. 1 yr 10 months later.. 6th february 2009, i finally saw my pink ic again and i finally ORD-ed.. ok i got my ic early and my ord is actually the 9th february..

its kinda like a magical journey to mi as i spent nearly 2 yrs of my precious life in army which holds the golden moment of my transition from a teenager to young adult.. i wun say that the time i spent is utmost unpleasant but i guess was mostly painful if u were like in the same unit as i was..

tekong life was easy.. raven coy is one of the slackest company ever in the SAF.. and i would alwaes rmb throwing a blind grenade and got scolded as i was the second last man in the company.. i guess the most memorable moment was the 24km route march which i ever thought i would be able to complete.. i rmb the times walking deep into the unknown in tekong.. grazing at the sky littered with shimmering stars which literally took my breath away.. and reaching the parade square with ah boon yong qing they all.. unbelieveable.. and all the emo little chats with edmund and allan looking out that mainland singapore as the sun sets and disappears quietly into the horizon.. as we POP-ed i guess we each carried a part of everyone in us as we moved on in life..

after block leave i got posted into 30SCE alpha company.. more simply posted to 18th level hell.. drawn on the sentry post at the gate.. i started my life as a field engineer in june 2007 and we dragged our duffel bags in front of our company block and got scolded for dragging.. realli mind those idiots who scolded us that the duffel bags are meant to be dragged as there are wheels fixed..

life there was realli hell.. treated as if we weren't a kind of lifeform in this universe.. tekan like crazy everyday in training outside training.. i guess everyone who been thru this journey with mi will vividly rmb the 500BX one single morning.. (its supposed to be 5BX) astham attacks, dizziness and nauseous was common then.. CEC was one of the most painful times for everyone in my platoon i suppose.. and there comes FPC where i became a PNR 6.. and with great power (as in being fat or more stoutly) comes with great responsibility.. i carried a jerry can and a saw.. crazy weight.. PIT where all the exercises come into play.. landmine warfare CFF firestorm gemini cub bear .. everything then was never ending and i tried to escape from everything with my long status and chao keng mentality.. and i bid farewell to 2007 and welcomed 2008..

2008 started as our company took on standby duties and the siren was merciless to mi.. i guess i hold the record in alpha.. total no of times the siren rang minus 1 is the no of times i ran down the parade square within 7 minutes.. i had been on handcuffs when the siren rang and sometimes not even dressed properly with my ungarments and i ran down and down..

ard mrch we were in seletar camp learning construction skills.. i rmb fixing up a ciruit box all by myself and this was realli something meaningful and useful in life that i learnt.. can fix some of the things at home when they are damaged.. but halfway thru the course our dear friend mas ran away from the whitney detention centre and as a good friend of the police force we were activated to help.. very diffcult period where we had little rest and needed to work shifts under the scorching and merciless sun as well as bear the cold lonely nights.. it ended in a month or so time and we went back to seletar and finished our platoon's modular kit..

this was the time i somehow come to an understanding with myself and decided to cheong with my platoon.. my strength may seem meagre but i guess it still makes a difference.. at least there's someone in the section to carry the jerry can.. i guess the addition of 3SG going 2SG pang lek ( he hasn't ord yet though.. LOL..) somehow made the difference.. there's someone there to be advance party with mi and we suffered together.. and looking at how jeffrey work somehow changed my mind not to chao keng anymore..

more standby duties came by and as well as exercises preparing us for our etap in thailand.. firestorm, gemini, cub and bear 2 were the main milestones before we embarked on our journey to thailand in late august 2008.. cresendo in thailand would be the most memorable and unforgettable experience in my army life.. the unforgiving weather in thailand was a great challenge.. temperatures could be as high as 40 degrees and u have to push on.. i will alwaes rmb the breathtaking view ard thailand doing deerhunter and painfully digging shellscrapes thru the night.. thanks to 3SG (NS) daniel tan who spammed mi continually and i dug 3 in the final exerise.. and conquering eagle hill not once but twice in thailand.. the marvellous nightsky with the frequent shooting stars will be an image imprinted deep in my mind.. and not long we are finished with our evaluation and everything we have worked for for the time in 30SCE..

some training here and there and also APB last month concluded my time in army.. and i got my ord not long back.. as i pen down things here i reminicise the bits and pieces of my army life.. its tough yet memorable.. and many things i ever thought i achieve i done it.. i got my IPPT GOLD in my second yr and somewhat passed SOC with some ease..

i wouldn't say this journey is smooth sailing without arguments here and there.. politics are alwaes there and it works on the mind of ppl.. i recalled a time where i quarrelled with kuan how cauz i changed group with him and he had to be with chao kun.. but nevertheless things wouldn't be as fun without these childish arguments..

wat i will alwaes miss will be the silly little things done in bunk.. all those stupid arguments and all those birthday punks every month during celebrations.. all those late night talks and chitchats with cheng wei jeffrey leslie and the rest and also interesting memories that will be deeply etched in mi.. and making jie liang the receding hairline in the platoon.. there will alwaes be differences as everyone is unique.. i guess as everyone's army life comes to an end its time to set aside these differences and realli hold on this special bond no everyone have in their life.. like wat 3SG (haven ORD) Aloysius mentioned its time to forget the hatred and build on the friendship we all have.. no matter wat quarrels i guess should be forgotten as we ORD.. the end here marks a new beginning and a new journey ahead of us..

as everyone embarks on their new journey i guess its onli right to pay tribute to everyone who has made my army life fun and interesting.. to all the commanders in platoon 1 with special thanks to plong.. and to all my platoon and section mates who had been an integral part of my 1 yr 10 months in army.. thank all for making the difference..

i hereby wish everyone best wishes for their future endeavours and good luck in everything each and everyone do in future.. 10 yrs, 20 yrs down the road, i will alwaes rmb the pain the joy and the smiles i had in army and in platoon 1.. all the best!! (:

Friday, January 30, 2009


i guess i have been abandoning this blog for a very long time.. time to do a little spring cleaning here since its chinese new yr.. cny has always been the time of the year everyone gets time off to celebrate this special occasion..

chinese new yr hasn't been something spectacular this yr.. not much of bai nian except for going over to my aunt's place and maternal grandmother's place.. reunion steamboat at my aunt's place and it more or less concludes my chinese new yr..

been jogging daily recently.. haha.. guess its one of the big achievement and something i got right this new yr.. haha.. time to keep myself healthy as well.. a lot of things to change this new yr as well.. guess i wun name it here though..

5 more work days to ord lo.. mixed feeling but i guess its time to move on and get myself a job.. update till here ba.. here wishing everyone who sees this post a very happy chinese new yr and best wishes for the yr ahead! till thens..

Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy 2009!!

its finally 2009 le.. the magical yr for most of us in ns.. haha.. i'm going to ord in another month plus time!!

2008 has passed in a blink of an eye.. quite a interesting yr but 2009 is another new yr to embark onto new journey and more memories to be forged.. new resolutions to achieve and dreams to fulfil..

lets us hope 2009 will be a great yr ahead and i wish all my frends all the best in the yr ahead and may good luck in everything!! have fun and take care!! happy new yr once again!! (:

Monday, December 29, 2008

happy birthday to ME!

finally turned 20 on this day.. haha.. nothing special just that i am now starting with 2 and i am getting older.. haha.. was a great week for the christmas week.. spent a wonderful week in KL with meng fei..

stayed at his auntie's house for the week and it was like chinese new yr for the kids.. haha.. gorged the kids with food and stuffs.. travel to lots of places had lots of fun.. ate lots of exotic stuffs and non stop for the 5 days.. LOL.. sinful..

cheesy wedges that cannot be found in singapore's KFC.. yum..

bah kut teh on the first day we were there..

kenny rogers at midvalley plaza on the second day.. uber cheap..

beautiful afternoon in the city..

meng fei n mi..

mrt ticket.. nostalgia yeah?

nice view..

pasar malam at sri petaling after visiting ing how..

shopping in town at bukit bintang on christmas eve.. town map..

shopping malls..

uber nice chicken rice.. lunch for christmas..
omg fried kway tiao.. haha..

the very last of kampong culture..

childhood memories..

last day of shopping at berjaya times square before home sweet home.. LOL..

great holidays in KL for the 5 days there.. haha.. good break and rest after 1 yr plus of hard work in army.. haha.. had fun good company and great food.. haha.. totally refreshed after the holiday.. and soon i'll be getting back my pink asset lo..

celebrated xun kai's belated birthday with him yesterday also at new york new york at lot 1.. a simple dinner.. nonetheless grateful to have time off to treat him to one.. haha..

gonna book in later tonight.. holidays has ended le.. but a new yr is coming ahead.. decisions to make and paths to choose.. resolutions for a better 2009! LOL.. update again lo.. once again happy birthday to ME! till thens..

Saturday, December 20, 2008

block leave!!

been enjoying myself on the block leave.. although i got half day of my leave being "forcefully" taken away from mi on tuesday.. nvm.. life's been great after writing 291208 on the book in book out book.. shopping almost everyday and going for dinner and stuffs..

swimming on wednesday with xiao ming.. took a walk ard the new jp.. haha.. its getting bigger and better.. the whole array of restaurants at the basement is like omgsh.. but 4 yrs in jurong is kinda boring though.. but its nice still cauz i like finally got a pair of shoes there.. had dinner at ichiban also.. haha.. jap food!

supper on thursday at timah with hong rui.. eat at a hong kong cafe.. thick toast char siew horfun.. damn nice.. extremely sinful.. getting fat already... now even worse.. lol.. but dun care.. food comes first.. played pool after so long also.. haha..

went shopping with xiao ming yesterday and finally got my pair of pants at FOX after much futile efforts of searching last weekend.. and went change money and cycle today.. haha..

my long awaited KL trip is juz in 2 days time.. seriously cannot wait sia.. haha.. so many things to buy and so many things i wanna eat there.. LOL.. can't wait.. update after i'm back ba.. haha.. till thens..

Sunday, December 14, 2008


block leave's finally coming.. not that soon yet though.. provided i can get mc for friday's acct grading.. its all on tml already.. dun wanna injure my neck somemore le.. hopefully the MO would be kind tml..

went shopping for the past few days.. futile effort in town wasn't able to get anything on thursday.. couldn't get a polo t today in imm also.. zZz.. wanna buy shoe also dun have the design i like.. diaos.. guess my shopping list for KL is getting longer and longer le..

og outing yesterday also.. its a all guys gathering again.. last min alot of ppl couldn't make it again.. but good to see some of the rest after so long though.. gonna plan something again sometime next yr or so..

can't wait for this week to end.. going over to KL on 22nd lo.. like finally.. the long break i'm looking forward to in this dec.. thats provided my overseas is approved then also.. omg.. everything is so troublesome.. omg.. hais.. can't wait for freedom to come in like 2 months time.. update again ba.. till thens..